Monday, August 31, 2009

My heart is here

Oh hi! Yeah, so that last post, you know, the one saying goodbye and all? *cough* Please disregard. You know what I discovered? Home is where your heart is and my heart was always here. I’ve came back here to my tiny blog home.

And oh boy, do I have stories to tell you! I have amazing things happen to me all the time, so let me tell you what happened just the other night. Err, maybe I will show you first what happened:
P8271677 I hit a concrete barrier in a heavy construction area, somehow just caught that dern thing in my wheel well. So, I pull off to the shoulder, make some calls and think to myself, “This is really dumb! and a bummer!” I was safe but the Sheriff’s officer who came by was from the same small Southern Virginia town where I spent years working before I moved to Northern Virginia. We knew a lot of the same people and the fun tucked away little places to get great food that only locals know about (shout out to Midtown Market!). Since the officer stayed till the tow truck arrived, we had fun remembering those good things instead of focusing on the accident. The tow truck driver showed up, did his thing and we were on our way. It was during this drive that the fatigue began to sink in; it was after midnight after all. I guess I must have said aloud a couple of times how disappointed I was that I had damaged my vehicle. This driver took it upon himself to cheer me. His choice of words were of interest to me, particularly when he told me, “A positive attitude can heal you”. Little did this man know that I have been spending a lot of time focusing on this very thing! My latest read has been “You can heal your life”  by Louise Hay. This driver’s kindness really touched me.

Then the tow truck driver gave me his phone number “just in case” I was feeling bad but he totally surprised me in the morning with this text message: “Don’t be a weed. Be a flower, shine be cheerful. A flower makes more smiles than a weed".” I laughed and really, how could I not smile the rest of the day?

Where is your heart these days? Reply in the comments and let’s chat.


D-Nice said...

Wow!! I'm soooo glad you didn't get hurt!! And also glad you met nice & thoughtful people after the accident.

deannie said...

Me too! Looks like a little over two weeks to get my Camry back though